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Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis of Corrosion Degradation on Tinplate Substrates

E. Zumelzu, C. Cabezas, A. Vera

Universidad Austral de Chile, IMPT, Valdivia, Chile

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Summary: The degradation of electrolytic tinplate used in food containers was analysed and evaluated, using scanning electron microscopy and electrochemical measurements of microcorrosion and ion dissolution by atomic absorption to prevent food contamination caused by metal traces and to increase the durability of such tinplates.

Key words: characterisation, scanning electron microscopy, tinplate, corrosion, degradation.

PACS: 81.05. ­t, 61.82. Bg

This project was supported by the Research and Development Unit, DID, of Universidad Austral de Chile, Project S-98-03.