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Section on Science

A Profile

The Foundation for Advances in Medicine and Science (FAMS) is a non-profit organization which gathers and disseminates medical and scientific information.

SCANNING, The Journal of Scanning Microscopies, is published and distributed by FAMS. SCANNING is published six times a year and is circulated to approximately 4,500 scanning electron microscopists. It presents the latest research in the scanning microscopies — a technology which has applications to our understanding of all matter, including the human body. The journal discusses, among other subjects and developments, the current and future applications of this technology to clinical medicine and bioscience.

FAMS also organizes symposia and sponsors an annual international scientific meeting, which includes short courses and presentations covering all aspects of the microscopies.

The editorial content addresses the basic science including all new technologies, and applications in forensics, materials, nanotechnology, medicine and industry. SCANNING uses the peer review process in the selection of articles and has an international Editorial Board. The publication schedule includes the proceedings issue for the annual scientific congress sponsored by FAMS. In addition to paid subscriptions, copies of each issue are distributed to researchers, professors, and advanced students in the field of scanning microscopy.

A panel of short courses is offered at the SCANNING annual conferences, and each year the meeting offers more educational opportunities for the scanning electron microscopy community. The journal is used as a text at many university courses, and aims to be on the cutting edge of developments in the science. Applications of the technology are an increasing component of the editorial content of the journal. FAMS funds participation in its programs for many young researchers from developing countries, and encourages their participation in the world dialogue.

The Future

SCANNING acquired a new look as we move into the new millennium. In order to cover the expanding field of scanning microscopy instrumentation and technique in all its forms more effectively, it will move away from the traditional division of the subject into the physical sciences and the life sciences, and instead concentrate on the three main instrumentation aspects of the field — scanning electron microscopy; the scanning probe microscopies, and confocal, multi-photon, NSOM and other advanced optical microscopies. Specialist editors in each of these areas will maintain the highest quality science while speeding up the handling of the manuscripts to make SCANNING as topical and current as possible.

Leading members of the medical profession have asked for courses on the application of technology to the various categories of clinical practice; i.e., oncology, heart disease, organ transplant, neurology, surgery, and other disease entities. These courses to be sponsored by FAMS will form a bridge between the microscopies and treatment of human disease.

Presence on the world wide web has been enhanced to provide access to both the current issue of SCANNING and to the archive of back issues. The goal is to increase the visibility of SCANNING as the authoritative source for scanned image science.

An Invitation

The Foundation for Advances in Medicine and Science (FAMS) is currently accepting applications for membership.

FAMS was formed for the purpose of disseminating current scientific and medical research data to researchers and clinicians. One of its goals is to serve as a communications link between the researcher and the physician responsible for patient care — to facilitate the application of the most recent research data to diagnosis and treatment of disease.

We invite you to become a Foundation member. Membership will afford you the opportunity to work and share information with prominent researchers and educators on an international basis. It will also provide an opportunity to submit editorial contributions to a widely-read professional journal, participate in focus groups and symposia, and cooperate in the dissemination of significant scientific information.

Three membership levels (leadership, participating, and at large) are offered. To apply, please send an inquiry and your curriculum vitae to: The Foundation for Advances in Medicine and Science, Inc., Box 485, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430. Phone: 201-818-1010; fax: 201-818-0086; e-mail:

We look forward to receiving your request for a membership application.

Board of Directors – Section on Science

Alan Boyde, Ph.D., London

David G. Howitt, Ph.D., Davis

David C. Joy, Ph.D., Knoxville

William P. Wergin, Ph.D., Beltsville