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Money Scanners in Casino Slot Machines

Betting and gambling industry is one of the highest person to person money moving industries in the world. Although today online casinos are more popular because they offer freedom to play from anywhere and also offer great online bonuses. Sites like MachineasousGratuites can get you closer to the atmosphere of physical casinos, which is still attractive to gamblers. This is why security measures are quite high in casino establishments. There are barely any casinos that operate successfully without a counterfeit money scanner in their establishment to keep themselves safe against those who try to pass fake currency as real. The technology behind making these money scanning devices have evolved and changed over the years, ensuring that there is little to no chance any fake currently pass those detectors when large amounts of money go through them daily. Of course, online casinos don’t have that problem with fake money, because they only work with digital currencies and digital money transfers. That is why they can give players much bigger bonuses that can go up to $5000 free money and matching their deposit by 100%.

Following are some of the details about the history of the technology behind counterfeit money scanner devices.

Magnetic Scanners in Slot Machines

Using MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is an old but trusted method that many casinos use even to this day. The currency notes in most countries are printed in magnetic inks. This method was initiated by the governments themselves in an attempt to reduce counterfeit money. Some of the best casinos which have been successfully operating for decades dealing large amounts of money have been using this method with great success. It is quite common to have a magnetic money scanning devices in the machines that operate slots games. This is an efficient and also quite discreet method used widely in land casinos. However, if you fancy playing online or mobile casino games, you have nothing to worry about these magnetic scanners in slot machines. Have a look at if you want to learn how to get no deposit bonus codes out of using mobile casino apps.

Modern Money Scanners

As the counterfeit money scanner technology evolved, the new machines that detect fake currency notes have a combination of optical sensors, photo sensors and magnetic sensors that ensures near perfect results. The modern currency detectors or validators are located in retail kiosks, ticket machines, and vending machines, slot games in casinos and in a variety of places where the real money is exchanged. Join to receive £10 free casino bonus and play the most popular online casino games for free. Online casino slots are fun to play, and they are a great opportunity to easily boost your bankroll without spending any of your own cash.

Optical sensors use UV lights to determine unique pixel patterns of genuine currency notes to distinguish them from counterfeit money. These sensors also have a way of recognizing the fluorescent paper materials used in making genuine money as well. They also scan the money to minute detail when it comes to physical attributes as a way of detecting counterfeit money as well.

How Casinos Employ This Technology to Stay Safe

The best Las Vegas casinos use many advanced methods to protect the money, property and also the patrons in the establishment. Other than close video surveillance and well-trained staff to recognize potential rule breakers, every possible money transaction station including slot games have counterfeit money detection machines in them. Each employee who directly handles money has advanced miniature money scanners with them which are used to check every single note of currency passed between dealers quickly and discreetly. One of the games where this technology was implemented first was baccarat because it’s very popular and people like to play it for high stakes, so the chance is higher that someone will try to do use fake currency there. Baccarat today can be played in online casinos too, and casinos are giving amazing bonuses to attract players to their site, which can go up to $1000 matching the deposit.

Since high amounts of cash are exchanged frequently in casinos, they use cash counting devices with inbuilt counterfeit money scanner in them. This way, even if a counterfeit bill passes through the hands of a trained employee or a UV scanning device, it will still get caught before the transaction is completed.